Two things inspire me to awe--the stary heavens and the moral universe within.

Albert Einstein

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Harlequin all about?


A: This is the most common question asked and it is the most difficult to answer to the satisfaction of the asker.


Make a Difference! Bring the Magic Back!


Christopher NevillFoundation offers a full range of personal development training courses and workshops. Each designed to deliver heightened levels of self awareness and personal growth. We work with the philosophy that the solution to whatever you wish to either create or solve for yourself is already inherently within you.


We provide the tools and techniques to help you to tap into your full potential andhave enabled people to achieve startling results in their lives, using a combination of enlightening lectures, fun games and fascinating processes as a basis for experiential adult learning and development.

Foundation Business products offer a flexible and comprehensive approach to improving attitudes, effectivity and productivity in the workplace. We use a combination of strategic analysis, one on one interviews, interactive seminars and workshops, impact presentations and weekend retreats. See our business section which details our approach to HR, Vision, Leadership, Brand Development, Sales.

Personal Development

Time to bring the magic back!

 Do any of these statements sound familiar to you?

  • It’s hard to trust people, they always let me down
  • Life isn’t all that much fun most of the time
  • I often end up doing things I don’t want to do
  • I am very prone to stress both at home and at work
  • I find it hard to talk about what is going on with me
  • I’m so busy there isn’t much time for me
  • I often wonder what I should really be doing with my life
  • I get upset when people won’t see that I am right

The How:

The Harlequin Experience is made up of two courses totalling 75 hours of profound lectures, games and processes designed to promote a high level of self-awareness. The first of these courses is Harlequin and the second is Chalice which you do once you have completed Harlequin. The solution to whatever it is we want to either solve or create for ourselves lies within ourselves. For so long as we focus externally we make ourselves victims of circumstance. You are the only one who can fix it!

Business Development

“Soul Work for Profit”

The work that Foundation Business does is experiential and comes from the ethic that the answers to whatever you want to create or solve for yourself, both personally and as an organisation are already inherent within you. What we provide are the tools and techniques to support you and your team in tapping into that potential. Our methodology includes, strategic analysis, profound lectures, interactive seminars, coaching techniques, fun games and processes, development of systems and structures all designed to promote a high level of self-awareness, integration, integrity, leadership, responsibility, accountability and team work.